Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Siargao Stories: 2002, part 4

Off we trundled again to Cabuntog to enjoy our last night. Sigh. We were getting so sad about having to leave the next day. But this was no time to be sad… not when there was TEQUILA to be had. Hehe. (Back story: I rang Zeny from Manila to ask her what she wanted me to bring her for her birthday. And without skipping a beat she said "tequila." This tequila bringing would later become a tradition for subsequent island visits.)

Dinner at Zeny’s was great. Olin had this entire spread ready. And everyone who knew her was there to partake. It was a real Filipino kind of deal – with people serving themselves, sitting where there was space… things like that. And then BOOM, the lights went out. So there we were eating in the dark. Hee.

Later on we moved out to the beach to watch the band playing. Had a lot of beer… and busted out the two bottles of tequila. Boy we moved through all that booze hella fast. And I mean fast! In like half an hour there was no more tequila left and we’d demolished almost the entire case of beer.

And since I am highly allergic to alcohol, I had turned into my customary shade of red. A shade, mind you, that no human being has any right to be. I looked like someone had basted me in red wine. Needless to say, my pulse was going nuts as well. That’s the thing about me and drinking though – my body reacts to alcohol really fast but my mind takes its time to get fucked up.

Django and Joel totally freaked when they felt my pulse doing the lindy in my throat and wouldn’t let me drink anymore. Then again, I totally needed water by then anyway. So off Ana and I went to buy water. We came back and I found Kaz totally wasted as well.

That was the basic gist of the evening: us drinking and having a really good time. At some point I made friends with this coconut tree trunk… leaning against it while I got my pulse in control and my skin back to tan instead of super-red. Kaz joined me after a while… we hugged a lot and told each other how glad we were to both be there. I think alcie makes me huggy. Heehee. Django periodically came over to hand me water… and at some point we asked if he would take our picture sitting under our favorite coconut tree (I would like to point out that the danger of having a coconut fall on our heads did NOT cross my mind… proving that I am also an idiot sometimes).

Django: Can I take a picture of your feet?
Kage and Kaz: Why?
Kaz: Do you have a fetish?
Django: Maybe

But we let him do it anyway cos he’s such a nice guy.

At some point (I had lost pretty much all track of time) Kaz, Django, Olin and I walked down to the beach. We met this Canadian guy (James) who’d been in the country for almost a year and spent six of those months in Siargao. He’d never surfed before coming over and was totally charging those waves already. Hard core. The beer and the tequila were still kind of messing with our bodies though cos Kaz and I seriously needed to not only pee but maybe even throw up. So we walked back to the party proper and headed to Zeny’s cottage.

As luck would have it, no one was there. I was slumped on the floor, leaning on the door trying really hard to not pass out. Kaz wandered off so she could throw up somewhere dark. A few minutes later one of Zeny’s roomies arrived and opened the door for us. Five minutes later we were back at our favorite coconut tree… and, on my part, feeling a whole lot better. In fact, I was pretty much near sober again.

We waited for Kaz to feel up to standing and decided to call it a night. Oddly enough, it was really early… like midnight. It felt much later than that. The choices were to walk back to White Beach or take the habal-habal. Of course we took the habal!

Kage: Sit in the middle Kaz.
Kaz: No, I want to sit in the back.

So there we were speeding back to our resort with Kaz precariously perched in the back of the motorcycle with me clutching her wrist in a death grip. And I'm thinking "if she falls off, what am I going to tell her father?!" We get home finally.
And thus ended our last night on the island.
The saga is almost over...
for photos... you should know by now where to go! ;)


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