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By Kage Gozun (published in Metro Magazine, March 2007 issue)

The newest way to sexy!

You know how this goes. After months of exercising and eating properly, you’ve still got that last little hump to get over before achieving your ideal body shape. Sometimes it’s those last stubborn five pounds. Other times it’s those final few inches that just refuse to budge.

Well, hard-working woman, be frustrated no more! A new treatment has been introduced that promises to re-shape your body without the hassle and stress of traditional yet invasive procedures such as liposuction.

The treatment is called UltraShape, after the company that patented the technique. The technology that drives UltraShape is a patented machine that uses therapeutic ultrasound waves. These waves target specific fat deposits and fat cells in the stomach, flanks and saddlebags. It breaks down fat cells in these problematic areas without damaging the tissue in nearby areas of the body. Afterwards, the body’s natural flow processes the fat through the liver.

UltraShape is painless, requires no recuperation time and doesn’t take more than two hours per session. The contouring treatment is revolutionary and continues to expand their scope and market.

To date there are over 100 clinics in 35 countries around the world that offer it. In the Philippines, it is the Marie-France Bodyline International chain that has added UltraShape to their menu.

Finding answers

On a mission, I checked out the Marie-France clinic in Makati to sit down with their doctors and discover more about this seemingly “too-good-to-be-true” procedure. Doctor Hajji Palaruan and consultant Evelyn Meriales took me on a tour of the facilities, where we came upon somebody in the middle of an UltraShape session. And it turned out that this “client” is actually another doctor of Marie-France.

In fact, many of the staff have tried the treatment and are living testimonies to its effectiveness. Of course, explains Doctor Palaruan, you cant expect miraculous results if you aren’t a “good patient” afterwards. Essentially this means no salty, oily and creamy food for at least four days after the treatment. Also, a change in lifestyle is needed in order to maintain the sexy new body that you’re sporting around. The ultrasound waves may have destroyed the fat cells but that doesn’t mean you wont get fat again if you insist on chowing down on fast-food. The fat may return, just in different areas of the body not treated with UltraShape.

UltraShape can show results after even just one procedure although the recommended standard treatment is four sessions spanning a phase of four months.

Doctor Palaruan also clarified that this is not a solution for everyone. There are certain restrictions for would-be patients of UltraShape. “UltraShape is more of contouring the body so it is not offered to obese patients. It will not have a significant effect (on them). We treat them with other treatments before we can offer them UltraShape. We also can not give this to patients who are too thin. And because the fat that is disrupted from the fat cells is processed by the liver, we can not give the treatment to clients with liver diseases.” Also on the blacklist for UltraShape are people with wound-healing or coagulation problems, cancer patients, expectant mothers, and those with pacemakers and metal prostheses.

The procedure is currently only available for the stomach, flanks and saddlebags because the device used to deliver the ultrasound waves (known as a transducer) is too bulky to use on smaller portions of the human body such as the arms and inner thighs. As of press time, clinical studies are in the works on a smaller transducer.

Trial by Treatment

I decided to go under the frequency knife and have my stomach go through the UltraShape procedure. Dressed in a comfy Marie-France tank top and shorts, I let Doc Palaruan measure my body and carefully marked the areas that the transducer is meant to target. It was explained to me that the transducer – a round instrument with a flat surface – is moved over these targeted zones with the aid of some castor oil.

Next, I lay down on a table under a bright light while assistants draped my sides with rubber sheets to keep the oil from spilling. A computer monitor was switched on and I could see myself on the screen. It felt very Nip/Tuck only without the blood and the drama.

The process took a little over an hour. True enough, it was painless and trauma-free. At most, there was a tingling sensation as the transducer was moved slowly over my abdomen. Near the bonier areas such as the ribcage, it felt slightly hot but not uncomfortable. In fact, I may have fallen asleep a few times because next thing I knew, it was over.

Hopping off the table and wiping off the excess oil, the attendants reminded me about eating properly and getting exercise. Mentally picturing the fat-less abs I could be sporting I made a mental note to pay heed to their advice.

The UltraShape solution is currently offered at the Timog, Makati and Alabang branches of Marie-France Bodyline International.

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Blogger Teresa G said...

Thanks for your story.

How many inches did you lose? Just curious.

I ask because I got 2 sessions, and after each treatment, I lost 2 inches each. Still cannot believe it.

Thanks and good luck to you!

6:08 AM  
Anonymous gelo said...

Hi! I read your story. I just want to know how much they charge per treatment session? Thanks.

2:47 PM  
Anonymous yla said...

How much is the cost of ultrashape??I want to try it..

10:38 PM  
Blogger travelkage said...

hey guys. im not sure exactly how much they charge per treatment because i did this for a magazine. best to call the marie france offices to inquire.

2:10 PM  

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