Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Party Costumes

For our latest Christmas party I was at a loss as to what to come as. See, we always have costume themes and this year I just knew a lot of people were going to work their asses off to top last year's display. Some were going to have outfits custom-made... others were going to hand-make theirs. And I 1. was not willing to spend too much money and 2. not crafts-y at all. So I culled my existing clothes to see what I could come up with.

1. A Jedi - using a Jedi-esque coat I scored in Bambang years and years ago for the Episode Juan party. But no, too many people were already going as Jedis.

2. Luna, the Sailor Moon Cat - all I needed was black pants, a black top, some pipe cleaner ears and whiskers and a tail. Plus a lot of people were going as the Sailor Moon girls so I would fit right in. Except I never did get around to making the ears or the tail.

3. Death from the Endless. Some liquid liner, heavy make-up and hot rollers should've done the trick. And I was all set to go as Dream's older sister... except, two days before the party I found out that Leda and Jio had found an even easier and more fun concept... so... come the Christmas party... we showed up as Cosmo, Wanda and Timmy Turner. Known to kids hooked on Nick as the cast of The Fairly Oddparents. Yes, click on the link to see what we came up with for the night.

To see what the rest of the office came as (and believe me, some of those costumes were excellent) click this.


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