Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sanctuary Spa's Chocolate Massage

Published in Metro Magazine October 2006 issue

Corporate Bohemian Kage Gozun spent an afternoon being pampered with a chocolate body scrub for this month's issue. When she isn't researching spa treatments she enjoys traveling and photography. She dreams of owning an island one day.

Chocolate Treat Good Enough to Eat

Women love chocolate, there's no two ways about it. A chemical compound in chocolate simulates the same sensation humans feel when we fall in love. Small wonder then that women love their bars of chocolatey goodness. Call it cliché or an age-old stereotype but many will say that it is true. As a gender, we are in love with the rich creamy by-product of the lowly cacao bean. We can't help it.

And recent studies have shown that chocolate isn't just a yummy treat. It can actually be good for you! Chocolate contains beneficial antioxidants such as polyphenols which have been revealed to defend against heart disease. In a 2004 Journal of the American Medical Association, it was said that aside from lowering blood pressure, the intake of chocolate compounds also make blood vessels less rigid. There are other claims that the built-in antioxidants in chocolate also guard against pollution and sun damage.

Too bad they haven't found a way to make the consumption of chocolate a truly healthy activity. Chow down on the sweet stuff too often and we're faced with weight gain. And you don’t ever want to be on the receiving end of a woman’s “Do you think I look fat?” if you know what’s good for you.

There is however, a way to get the benefits of chocolate without battling its disadvantages. A simple solution that not only invigorates your senses, but also makes you feel like a pampered princess.

Sound good to you? Head over to the Sanctuario Spa, Salon and Organic Café along Jorge Bocobo Malate, Manila and order yourself the Tsokolate Ahhhh!. This two-hour body scrub and massage features our favorite food in the entire world and is a service guaranteed to make women everywhere swoon.

Having a trained masseuse slather chocolate on your body while easing the knotted muscles in your back already sounds like a treat in itself. So can you believe that there are even more benefits to experiencing this massage treatment? Chocolate contains vitamin E, cocoa with butter and almond oil, all of which are excellent moisturizers. This moisturizing property seeps into the skin to combat cellulite, ironic since eating so much of it can lead to weight issues. Plus, the scent of chocolates stimulates endorphins in our bodies that make us feel happier.

How can any woman feel anything but happy after spending over an hour covered in chocolate?

Stripped down and wearing the bathing garments provided by the spa, the treatment begins with a soak in a private hot tub. Your attendant allows you some quiet time, to just relax in the steamy water and inhale the aroma of the flowers floating around you. When you are ready, you move to the massage bed. This is the portion that puts treat in the word treatment.

Slowly, generous amounts of native dark chocolate are layered on your body. Ground beans are blended into the chocolate mixture to gently exfoliate dead skin. Using a soft kneading method, your body is massaged to a point of total relaxation. Your entire body is covered in this healing and nourishing combination. Pressure points are targeted, tension is eased, and every time you inhale, you smell that rich dark chocolate scent.

After that is a quick hop into the shower to wash off the body scrub. The steam coming up from the shower envelopes you in a chocolate-scented mist that only further heighten this delectable experience.

Then it’s back on the massage table for another hour’s worth of massage therapy. During this final phase, Sancturio uses Cocoa Butter, which is actually the edible and natural fat of the cacao bean. It is purported to help fade the appearance of scars and stretch marks. More than that, it smells fantastic and feels even better. If there were any knotted muscles left over from the body scrub, this portion of the treatment is sure to take care of them. Smooth strokes and gentle pressure aid in blood circulation while the targeting of key areas in the body gives you a feeling of total and utter relaxation. Every woman deserves to feel this calm!

The bonus of finishing the treatment with cocoa butter is that it eliminates the need to shower afterwards. All you need to do is put on your clothes over that newly-buffed, baby-soft skin and walk out the door to whatever fabulous plan is on your agenda.

Whatever you decide to do, having the Tsokolate Ahhhh!. definitely starts you off on the right foot.

So never fear ladies, chocolate is always just a phone-call away. And without the calories!


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Anonymous Ferdz said...

Neat article! Did you write this?

How about us men, sounds like a delicious experience. Hehe.

It seems chocolate applied has more healthy advantage than chocolate taken in.

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Blogger Erik said...

Sounds nice, next time I'm in Manila I'm gonna try it for sure! Nice article too.

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