Sunday, August 06, 2006

South Swell Sessions: round-up

Alex Grasshopper's Baptism

A day in Zamba to baptise my new board Alex Grasshopper. "Alex" for my good friend & surf dad Alex Kalbo and "Grasshopper" partly because he calls me 'anak ng tipaklong' and partly due to the phrase 'patience grasshoppa' because being on a new board is going to take a lot of patience and learning not to be frustrated. Heehee.

Other things about the weekend: Jov's magic bagoong, Meat Plus, visiting the turtles at Crystal beach, jelly fish stings, and accidentally taking home a strange giant green ant.

For photos you can always click this

Heckling, Doc's Birthday At Iba Pa

We didn't know who was riding in my van until two hours before we left the 540 shop. By the time we rolled out we had Kim, Jong, Aya, Olracs, Andrew, me and Mang Bong plus 6 surfboards all stored in the van. The thermostat of the AC was busted so it was winter or nothing. Good thing we were so afraid of being wet and miserable that we overpacked warm clothes and jackets.

Surfing in the rain near Kissy Face Island for the second time. Using Alex Grasshopper for the first time in proper wave conditions, and the third time ever in the water. Crossing a river and not getting taken out to sea. A total of six rides on Alex Grasshopper (the first one being the best one). The Scary Shortboard Lineup where Jun and Olracs tried to be supportive and helpful. Longboarders' "yeah. yeah" rides. Aya's losing her tooth in the line-up.

Eating it 101. Getting Worked 101. Red Horse remedial classes. Hiding the D70 from the rain. Heckling from the shore with Kim and whoever else wanted to join us. Doc's birthday lunch which Lui and I missed out on because we were in a meeting to plan out an upcoming surf comp. More of Jovin's bagoong. At... iba pa.

Super sulit weekend.

ps Happy bday masterbet! Di ka na namin nakita kasi di na kami dumaan ng Crystal.

To see first-hand photos of Aya's hard core tooth-losing injury (as well as some disturbing boys bathing together snaps) you can always check out this album .

Lefts and Low Tides

Left the D70. Snapped with a straightforward Coolpix. Lazy? Sometimes.

Beeeyutiful Saturday sessions. Grilled liempo and fresh fish straight from the market. Sinigang for dinner. Running out of rum (gasp!). Havanas shopping in the market. My first ever Zamba Boat trip! And the meanest lookin' bruise since Carla Suiza's Pagudpud Reef Rake.

Again, no photos of actual surfing because we're still sussing out how to get me a water housing. ;) I am accepting donations by the way. Heehee.

Choice photos from the trip. For all photos go to this place


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