Wednesday, June 14, 2006

La Union Long Weekend in June

The last I surfed was back in May when Aya, the Sarmiento brothers, Andrew and I were in Siargao for the 2nd International Girls’ Surfing Festival. So it was with a happy heart that I loaded my board and bags into Phillip’s car for a long weekend in La Union.

From the beginning there was something in the air that suggested that this was going to be good weekend. The music in the car ranged from old skool R&B to seriously trippy house tracks. For the first time ever, I didn’t have to fight sleep to stay awake as we made our way up.

This is where I’ll just skip all the boring details and get to the point of this entire blog. The beach break and the Point weren’t working for us. But we’d been told about another spot that was breaking beautifully. So on Sunday we loaded up the boards and drove to it. For some reason, none of us had ever heard or seen this spot before so when we got there, it was… magic really.

You know those moments when everything is just perfect? Like in your mental checklist, every single box is ticked off? That’s what being at that new spot was like.

Sunny weather? Check.

Beautiful beach? Check.

Un-crowded line-up? Check.

Great company? Check.

Good sized waves? Check.

Clean water? Check.

Fun rides? Check.

Shade? Check.

No jellies? Check.

No wind? Check.

The only potential buzzkill was the sound of the evil karaoke machine that we could hear from the line-up. Never mind that I haven't gotten rid of my "hold on to the rails for dear life" problem... or that I may have flashed the beach when my bikini popped open... or that, sometimes, the air also brought the fresh scent of a nearby piggery. But I refused to let that bother me.

We surfed all afternoon, getting more and more stoked with each ride.

On the ride back to Hacienda, Terrence popped in a cd and played Sunshine Through by Richard F featuring Samantha Stock. And while the lyrics are kind of about love, the overall mood of the track was perfect for how we were all feeling.

That stoke stayed with us for the rest of the weekend.

For photos of the weekend click this please.


Anonymous nikki said...

yea yea piggery!!!

9:09 PM  
Blogger cat-ing-ka said...

hey babe. so far i have not had any run ins with spammers. my best advice would be to open a new chatter flooble or tagboard account. since the one you have seems to have a virus of some sort :( i hope this helps. we missed you this weekend! :)

8:45 PM  

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