Monday, April 10, 2006

The Traveling Tabo Project

Who knew that an innocent blog about a converaation that Millie and I had on YM would lead to this? For the record, I sure as hell didn't. And I dont think Millie did either. But here we are, in the midst of the organically growing Tabo Project. And as much as I still cant wrap my head around the idea that we accidentally started this, I am really pleased about it. It's just taken a life of its own, fueled by a collective creative spirit of old friends and almost strangers. Almost as if there is this natural progression.

Still lost? Have no idea what I am talking about? To clue yourself in, keep reading. If anything, you'll learn the meaning of the word diaspora.

This random conversation and an innocent blog gives birth to the project that, in Ali's words, will soon symbolise the Filipino diaspora.

Mag Tabo Ay Di Biro is care of 'sus, where links are first collected for convenience.

Then there's Thread that Spawned "The Project"

And then Ali decided to make it official with the Traveling Tabo Troupe.

101 Uses for the Tabo spearheaded by Karlo where one learns that that tabo is not just for the bathroom after all.

The Diaspora continues to HK care of Joni

Millie gets in on the action in Australia and takes the project to the streets.

Sid takes more tabo shots.

Keep yourselves updated on the Tabo Project! Or leave me a message and get in on the action!


Blogger Kidlat said...

Hey, nice topic here!

Ito pwede! TABIDET! The Tabo of Tomorrow! I read this 3 years ago in Moonie Lantion's website called The Flavor Online. the site is now dead and i spent a good 30 minutes searching the net for the article. I found it in the cached pages of Google but unfortunately, the photos are missing.

These TABIDET thing, by the way is now available in the new models of Saniwares or other toilet brands in the country. I spotted one in the now enlarged Bay's Inn CR here in Baler and another one in my friends house. Must take pityurs!! The TABO REVOLUTION begins!


Tabidet: The Tabo of Tomorrow?
FEATURES Thursday, November 13 2003

by Tetro

To many Filipinos, the practice of using a "Tabo" to cleanse oneself after doing their duty has been an integral part of their lives. This act involves using a tub of some sort and water to wash a person’s nether regions after pinching a biscuit, dropping the kids off at the pool, making a deposit to the sewer system, downloading vital statistics to the toilet, recycling last night’s meal, faire la merde, giving back to society, or just plainly taking a dump. However, after moving to the United States, this tradition has died off slowly in preference of toilet paper or baby wipes. Furthermore, use of a tabo in public restrooms without having everyone see your nads is a quite difficult task.

The typical household tabo usually consists of an empty butter container, discarded Big Gulp cups, and the popular Las Vegas casino coin tubs. Tabos have been useful in cleaning the anal regions but have been unable to reach the tight spots. The difficulty in mastering the use of a Tabo usually ends up in a person wetting the whole bathroom and getting fecal matter all over the place. On the other hand, European use of the bidet is popular. Since it is a new trend in the States, the price tag makes them inaccessible to the average population. Another negative aspect of a bidet is the potential contamination of the spray head by the previous user. These reasons have kept the bidet from becoming a household item.

On a trip to my friend’s home, I discovered a quite peculiar object connected to his toilet bowl. It resembled a kitchen sink wand, but was attached to the toilet’s water source. Out of curiosity, I tried spraying it into the bowl. To my amazement, it sprayed water! After using his bathroom, I ran over to my friend to ask WTF that was. He told me it was a TABIDET (I think he made it up). It was like a tabo and it was like a bidet. It was handheld and the water supply was constant. This was the most amazing device I had ever seen. I had grown accustomed to using toilet paper only, but this had revolutionized my life. I asked him where I could find one, and he said it was sold by word of mouth, just like Amway or! This was incredible!

In conclusion, I am a changed man and I now have a cleaner butt. This is way better than a tabo because I can direct it at places that need the most attention and the supply is never-ending. One downfall of using a TABIDET is that there is a chance of using a contaminated spray if the previous user is inept at using the device. However, the device can be easily cleaned, thus allowing one to enjoy its benefits once more. Another gripe of mine with the TABIDET is that the water is ice cold. If the makers of the device can find a way to heat up the water, then I’ll forever hold them in the highest regard, right next to Jean Claude Van-Damme and the guy from Grease 2. Whoooo whooooo, who’s that guy...

And now... THE PHOTOS!!!

This is the unit connected to the toilet. How they managed to attach it is beyond me. The inventors are geniuses.

This is a picture of me washing my hands with the Tabidet. Notice that it cleans it pretty well, just like a faucet!

Using toilet paper alone is not a smart idea. Look at how the poop smears on my hand and fingers. Damn you Charmin!

This is I spraying the Tabidet into the toilet. It sounds like never-ending pee…weeehee!

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I modified this in Spain when i figured ice cold winter water would freeze the hinnys of my family. I bought a single handed lever (the one's of the shower) but connected the water to the shower lines. I now have mixable water =) I'll show you a picture on =)


11:47 AM  
Blogger LionelZivan said...

I'm super hurt that you didn't include my webcomic: The Tabo Has its Uses.

Boohooohoooo. :(

12:38 AM  

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