Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Random conversations about bathrooms

An interesting, albeit random, YM conversation with Millie sheds light on some cultural differences we take for granted.

millie: toilets and bathrooms are seperate in Oz!

kage: ahhh! like always?!

millie: yep

waterbaby: so like i would pee in one room then have a shower in another?

millie: yep..hahaha. thats why aussies freak out when they go to the phils

millie: and theres no toilet paper... and theres a shower over there and theyre like "i dont get it..how does this work??"

kage: hahahaha

kage: but...

kage: i enjoy knowing that i can pee naked cos i can just take four steps and be in the shower.

millie: lol

kage: or if we're out surfing somewhere, i have my bucket of water and the tabo thing

millie: yeh

millie: it's cleaner

kage: the oz boys we were with in samar? had no idea what to do with the tabo thing they saw in the bucket of water.

kage: they thought it was for the toilet.

kage: so they were making do with the smallest trickle of water that came out of the pension house's shower.

millie: HAHAHAHA!!

millie: its like a myth...

kage: are we like the only country that uses the bucket and ladle system when there are no showers?

millie: i dunno!!...i think so!!hahaha..cos i was even reading this book..like we had to read it at highschool and this guy..he was backpacking [in the book] and one of his trips was to the philippines and he couldnt work out how to go to the toilet without toilet paper and nobody would tell him how to do it.

millie: hahaha. so,maybe the phils is the only place! thats pretty cool though!!..you have outsmarted the rest of the world!

Thank you. Thank you. This random conversation was brought to you by Eillim Clothing and Brown Belly Beach Wear.

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My favorite bathroom to date. At the Sabi Sabi Safari Lodge in Skukuza South Africa. The walls were all glass so you could sit in the tub and watch kudu and antelope pass through the safari grounds in front of you. Wild with an H. Whild!

Addendum: This one blog has yielded a fairly interesting conversation. To learn more about the history of the tabo... please head over here


Anonymous banana said...

hahahahahaha. you crack me up guwaps!

9:26 PM  
Blogger Kat O+ said...

In all fairness, newer houses in Oz have toilets and bathrooms together. And I don't think we're the only tabo users in the world. I went to a Sri Lankan house once and was astounded to see a full-on, long-handled tabo next to the toilet. We just moved house and I must have asked, "Did we pack the tabo?" at least 5 times.

7:48 AM  
Blogger Keith said...

This is the second blog I read today on the tabo. I laugh, because it reminds me of the things I experienced in the Phils. I have a girl-friend in the Indonesian islands that assures me in their homes, that is exactly how they bathe. Outside the archipelagos, I have no idea.

TGhank you for such a fun blog.

11:07 AM  

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