Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Baler in Photo Collage Type Things

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Life in the PSF Baler House. From top panel: The Kings of Chaos and Kakulitan Chris and Dondi; Olin and Chris working; Floyd the Kusinero; Al the Dishwasher; late night as seen from the stairway, Nilde & Zeny; Eric gets the dishes ready; Olin & Wilmar engage in um... male bonding.

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Random scenes: Sandito Suave; manicurista/surfer Osot Alcala gets aggro with my camera; hangin' out with the Juniors; Queen of the Line-up Nildie Blancada; all bundled up for a group snap; the best leche flan in the entire country is made by Mako's mom; Zeny is happy, Dodo is confused; and a paaaaarty with the Baler Boys.

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