Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Moment of Silence for a Fallen Surfer

I got this off the Philippine surf forum. Malik gained instant fame when, at 18, he took off on a monster wave at Teahupoo. The photos and footage taken of him that day catapulted him into the surfing spotlight. On December 2, 2005 Malik perished on what people are calling "a freak wipeout."

The rest of the story is here... courtest of maliknews who posted it on the surf forum:

Tahitian local charger Malik Joyeux perished at Pipe last friday.
story here

Malik's final wave was captured in this photo sequence:

Amongst those surfing Pipe at the time of Malik's death were longboard superstar Bonga Perkins as well as surf pro Myles Padaca, who ultimately found Joyeux's body after a 10 minute search.

Kelly Slater and Sunny Garcia were at the beach as well.

Malik Joyeux, along with Raimana Van Bastoaler and Manoa Drollet, is counted amongst Tahiti's/Teahupoo's premier surfers. He
was 25.

Now, surfer or not, whether you knew who he was or just found out now, I ask that we share a moment of silence in the memory of Malik Joyeux.


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