Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Life in a hammock

Some time last month I was in Catanduanes. And when I got back, I didnt really have the time to blog about it. So now that I do have time (sort of), I dont know exactly what I want to say anymore. Haha.

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Life in hammocks. Lui, Pat and me.

Instead, here are some random thoughts:

- three hammocks on the porch with me, Lui and Pat enjoying an afternoon siesta.
- having eight guys tell me that "ang ganda mo" five minutes after I put my bags down ... largely because there were no girls for them to hit on while we were there.
- a family style belated happy birthday dinner for Zaldy
- watching Martin Taniegra, a local hero and surf legend, come home to win the competition
- dancing on the sand under strings of flashy neon lights to really bad disco songs... and loving it
- waking up at 4am because the hammock was drenched by a sudden downpour
- singing with Pat and Cris
- chillaxing while the Siargao and Baler boys played a crazy game of patintero on the beach
- making impromptu water housing for my camera alongside Pat
- the view from "Olin's Tower"
- waking up every day knowing I was going to be watching some of the best surfers in the country paddling out at one of the best waves in the country.
- the birth of the "Almost Famous" surf tour analogy
- 'abusing' our grommet Hawaiian Mic
- bathing with a view of the bukid
- the Siargao boys deciding to take off early... which led to some really emotional grup hugs and goodbyes.

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Yok and Dodo, grinning in the sun. Also know as "damn those tans!"


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