Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Weekends in Water

Weekends/July 2005

A synoptic guide to several weekends in a row where I managed to make up for being incredibly landlocked in June.

July 2, 2005.
A day trip took me, Regine, Noelle, Didoy and Monching to La Luz (Batangas) for a day of scuba-diving and snorkeling. It was my first time at La Luz and let me just say how pleasantly surprised I was by the quality of marine life in the area. Apparently, the resort houses a marine sanctuary.

We saw, among other things, a lion fish at about 15 feet... giant parrotfish... and more Picasso triggerfish than I had ever seen in one spot. For photos CLICK THIS

July 10, 2005.
We enjoyed our Saturday in La Luz so much that the following Sunday, I felt the need to go back. This time Regine and I were with Monica, Binky, Candy, her son Luis and their friend Eileen.

It was Luis' first time to see the ocean and to feel real sand between his toes. At first he recoiled from the whole experience with questions like "Where is the swimming pool?" and protestations about the sand ("Make it stop! Make it stop!"). But, within an hour, we could barely bring him to leave the shoreline for meals.

Highlights from the snorkeling expeditions included: a school of squid, two juvenile moray eels, and a puffed up puffer fish that allowed me to annoy it. For photos of this trip: CLICK THIS

July 17, 2005
All the snorkeling and lounging on the beach was fun... but you really cant beat a day of good surfing with your buddies. So it was perfect that on a Sunday morning thirty surfers from Manila convoyed to a distant secret "somewhere" for a day of swell and stoke.

After three wrong turns... and several attempts at locating the break, we found it. The best part? We were the only people there. Alternating between paddling for waves, sitting on driftwood washed up on the beach and catching up with each other, we managed to while away the day.

We returned to Manila with just enough time to have dinner and rest up for the Monday looming ahead. For photos CLICK THIS

What all these trips had in common was that they never took me away from the city for more than a day... but they were enough to wash away the madness of Manila... leaving us "rebooted" and ready... and, of course, hella tan.


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