Friday, July 01, 2005

A Dog and His Boy

June 25/26, 2005
Manila was making me cranky, restless and unhappy. It was clear that a trip was in order.
Noelle, Didoy, Regine and I headed up to La Union for the weekend. The waves were less than ideal. But for the surf hungry (and patient) there were rides to be enjoyed. And I? Was surf hungry. So under a sunny sky that quietly turned gray, we paddled and waited... paddled and popped up... paddled and wiped out... you get the idea.
As sunset approached I was once again torn between staying on shore to shoot a La Union sunset (something I have never done. Ever). Or take my board out and see if I could catch a few more rides before it got too dark to see. The water was choppy. The swell was small. To top it all off, a slight drizzle had started so the wind was getting chilly.
I decided to surf.
I don't regret it because, from the line-up, facing the shoreline, we could all see a complete rainbow hovering over the kubo ... and above it, another one, barely visible but just as complete. A double rainbow to the East as the sun sank to the West. And I managed to catch a good wave to boot. Niceness!
That weekend's mood I think is best encapsulated by the following photo of Rua and Pointbreak:
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