Monday, July 03, 2006

Ang Itlog Na Inaalog

I thought I'd posted this when I wrote the La Union Long Weekend entry. Oh well, a bit late but still uploaded. Coming soon: the Pala-One blog and Alex Grasshopper's Baptism in Zamba.

What my blog entry would probably read like if I wrote it in Tagalog: "Mula Petron Station sa NLEX hanggang San Juan, La Union pinaglaruan ko ang itim na itlog ni Phillip. Inalog-alog ko ito habang kumakanta ng kung ano-anong mga house at r & b na tugtog. Minsan, pinapahawak ko din kay Aya ang itim na itlog ni Phillip. Tuwang-tuwa kaming lahat."

In English: From the Petron Station along NLEX all the way to San Juan, La Union, I played with Phillip's black egg shaker. I shook it while singing random house and r&b tunes. Sometimes, I would let Aya hold the egg shaker. We all had a great time.

Which, we actually did. Phillip had his bongos and egg shakers stashed in the back seat of his car. So Aya, Terence and I took turns jamming with whatever song was playing. This was the first time I'd ever gone up to La Union without fighting sleep or desperately trying to stay awake. Normally, I don't sleep at all... or I pass out when we hit Agoo. But it's usually really a struggle for me. This time? Not so much. The great music led to super fun conversations about everything from good music to... honestly, I dont really remember. I just know we passed those 5 hours in a haze of good vibes and good sounds. And that kind of set the tone for the entire long weekend.

Speakin' of sounds... there's this one song that I've been looking for since the weekend. I don't know the artist's name or who remixed it so I can't download it.* All I know is that it is called Sun Shine Through and there's a part that goes "every once in a while I'll feel the sun shine through. Chasing thoughts of a time when it was me and you..." It was the song we played after our super Saturday session... everyone surfed out... hungry... and stoked. If anyone has any leads, leave me a note naman o! Thanks!

Oh and for photos of the weekend? Click this please.

*postscript: I've been told that the song is by Richard F featuring Samantha Stock.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


What's up, with the two different blogs? should I stick to this one or merge over to multiply?
I like multiply better...
Anyway great photos of Palawan, makes me want to go back. Now.

Erik - Sweden

4:29 PM  
Blogger travelkage said...

Hey Erik:

This is my actual blog. The one on multiply I just use to muck about in. Sometimes there are entries that cross-over. But not always.

Glad you liked the Palawan pics. How's your camera been treating you? Or should I ask how have you been treating your camera?


4:33 PM  
Blogger Mr. Poe said...

i also love to travel. too bad im broke though.

11:40 AM  
Blogger Mr. Poe said...

i also love to travel. too bad im broke though.

11:41 AM  

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