Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Public Service Announcement: Keep Pundaquit Clean

Taken from the Philippine Surf Forum. An official request of the Manila Surfers' Association.

Hey guys.

It recently came to our attention that Pundaquit (home of our beloved Magic Left and Ate Nora's Resort) does not have a regular trash collection system. The mayor of San Antonio has to request for a truck to come to their barangay to pick up the garbage.

So, since we all surf there and enjoy the waves, we should also be picking up after ourselves. As much as possible let's not leave trash and litter when we are there. Let's not be dirty surfers. Pack what you normally would throw away into your own garbage bags and dispose of them in the larger trash bins in San Antonio on your way home.

In the immortal advice of a Sta Cruz shredder "Pack it in, keep it clean and wear your sunscreen!"

Thanks guys! Spread the word.

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