Monday, August 28, 2006


It all began with Cebu Pacific's P1 fare promo and a totally unplanned decision on Jay and Binky's parts to book themselves on a flight to Puerto Princessa. Next thing you know, I am online, booking seats for myself and Jenina. Marlon, all the way is Oz, is booking a seat for himself as well.

So, three months later Jay, Binky, Marl, Jen and I are boarding a plane and heading to Puerto Princessa, Palawan for five days of doing absolutely nothing. Just beachin', eating, exploring, drinking, eating, star-gazing, snorkeling, eating, and trying to ignore our nik-nik bites. We spent a night at the Ranger's Station near the Underground River, bathing by candlelight and getting to know the resident guard dog named Guard. We rocked down to Puerto Princessa City on our second to the last day and devoured countless pounds of lobsters (personally, I had 6 all on my own). And we even managed to sneak in massages.

1,007 photos later... we were back in Manila with a serious case of vacation withdrawal. And it took me the longest time to write about it because writing about it would mean it was over for real.

As I am trying to save space on my pbase account, I only put choice photos from the trip on the pbase gallery. For all the photos check out the various galleries here.

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Anonymous sigh said...

i was supposed to go, too!!!!! i was already booked, and i had to cancel. now, cebu pacific's incompetent service for refunding has had me giving their CSRs hell.

12:11 PM  
Blogger Iskoo said...

ako din biktima ng 1 peso promo, pero sulit naman. kahit wala sa panahon, pero nag enjoy kami. buti may mga promo na ganyan, marami ng pinoy ang makakapasyal s a sariling bayan via air.

9:30 PM  

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