Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Travel Supply Must-Have: Mr Coconut Lotion

I like:
- organic products (less chemicals = better for your body)
- supporting local industries whenever i can (more peso going back into the country = better for the philippines)
- coconuts (gata, oil, scents) and their healing properties (soothing, moisturizing)

Mr. Coconut Body Lotion hits all three in a bottle that only costs Php180! I discovered this maybe three years ago while walking around Megamall. On a whim, I decided to buy it (it costs the same as a drink at Starbucks so it was a cost-effective experiment). And guess what? IT WORKS.

The lotion goes on smooth and light. None of the sticky, icky feeling you get from thicker lotions. And even though it goes on like water, it's actually quite effective. My skin stays hydrated, smooth and it smells yummy! It's great for everyday use, it battles super dry skin, soothes pesky mosquito bites and have I mentioned how great it smells? ;-)

I give it out to friends as presents and always have it on hand for trips. Go out and get some... help a local industry out and get delicious skin in the process.

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