Monday, May 14, 2007

Travel Must-Have: Solar Powered Charger

More and more I am finding out that talk show tv is really educational! On the Tyra Banks show today (and in my defense, I was channel surfing), and she featured this product for a cleaner and greener environment. As with the iKaraoke, I am rating this based on concept and not an actual product test.
It's a bit expensive but it's deffo on my wish list of Travel Must Haves.

The Solio Portable Hybrid Solar Power Charger. The nifty device stores energy directly from our very own sun (and from the socket as well) to power most of our handheld electronic devices.

According to the site "Solio generates free and clean energy right out of the box. Solio has been made Carbon Neutral by planting trees in protected bio-diverse forests."

According to Amazon:
* Charging Solio's internal battery takes 8-10 hours of direct sunlight.*
* With Solio fully charged, an average mobile phone will charge in approximately one to two hours--as efficiently as a conventional charger. * Using the included wall adapter, Solio can be fully charged in approximately 5.5 hours. * A fully charged Solio will completely charge an average cell phone at least once. * When charging a cell phone directly from the sun, 60 minutes of sunlight will provide approximately 10 minutes of talk time and four hours of standby time.* * When charging an iPod directly from the sun, one hour of sunlight will provide one hour of play time.* * Solio can store energy for more than one year.

Each Solio charger comes with connector tips for compatibility with most mobile phone brands, iPods and other music storing devices.

Plug into the sun baby!

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