Friday, June 29, 2007

Tama Ba?!

Tama ba na kinilig ako nung nakita kong mag-transform si Optimus Prime?! Kilig ha... not excited, not impressed... KILIG.

Like when you're about to see your favorite musician/rock star (in my case this was Sting) for the first time and you're sitting in this crowded arena and you dont quite believe you actually scored seats and he's actually deigned to come to your Third World country to play... and the stage lights go on and the crowd gives up a collective cheer... and there he is in front of you... in front the mic... it's Sting! It's really Sting! And even though the roar is defeaning and you're probably screaming along, deep down inside is this intense excitement that ripples through your body... because you cant believe it's really happening.

That's how Optimus Prime made me feel last night. I couldn't believe my childhood toy was alive... coming to life... right there on the screen. I was eleven all over again.

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