Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Halina't Sumayaw sa Ilalim ng Araw ng Baler

This is a long ass intro. But I'm going to write it out anyway. ;)

You know how you learn a new skill? And then later on you realize you've lost the touch and you arent as on the money with that skill as you used to be? It could be a grande jete, or a 3 point shot, or an au sem mao... and it frustrates you cos you know you can do it... you've done it before... how come it's so hard to do it now? Well, that's basically how I've been feeling lately with my pop-ups and my walls.

So the mission for the weekend was to relearn those skills, fix the mistakes I am making before they become bad habits. The first morning was frustrating and then after lunch we saw that the beach break was working... and even though Dom and I hadn't slept for over 24 hours, we went out to play. Aya stayed near me to make sure I stayed focused. And I fixed the problems!... the popping up, the turning so you slot yourself into the wall... committing to those drops. All of that. To make it even better, everyone was getting good waves too. Aya's frontside is looking better and better. Dom is dialing into that retro fish so well. Nicola, Tin, Kim, Mons, Aerika and Raf joined us later and made the line-up even more fun. Too bad there are no photos cos the boys were all asleep.

By far, one of the most memorable trips to Baler with the Band of Brothers.

These are just the snapshots taken with the Pentax OptioW30. The action shots taken by Coy and JP will be in another album.

Super highlights?
1. That Saturday afternoon session. I stayed out until it was too dark to see. "Too tired to paddle, too stoked to stop." Nica and Aya win for coming up when the stars were coming out. :)
2. Trying to hang on to six boards on the back on the pick-up with Philip.
3. Raf getting smacked by a center fin... and snapping the center fin clean off the board with his cheek.
4. Dom to Aerika "Paddle!" (Aerika paddles) Dom again "You're not paddling!"
5. Watching Saddam demolish waves AND a bottle of Nutella
6. Vic playing along with "Astro" by Sago on the car horn as we sped through the Sierra Madres
7. The group photo with Gerry Shan the Man!
8. Pop up Close out sessions at "Lubot"
9. Using Pandora again. First time since November.
10. Twenty people for one Baler trip, a record breaking cast.

Photos of it are here.

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