Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Four Days In Bicol! (Yes! I'm blogging again!)

About 8 months ago some of my friends and I were able to score really cheap flights to Bicol during a Cebu Pacific Airlines seat sale. Our whole purpose for going was to visit my friend Adrian's family farm where we were told we would be 'fed a lot of seafood' and 'do a lot of nothing.' As someone who usually spends her trips on-the-go and in constant motion, this sounded like a nice change of pace.
Check out some of our photos from the 4 days away.

After a flight from Manila to Legazpi, a road trip to Sorsogon Bay and a 45-minute outrigger boat ride from the pier to the dock of Sun Farm... we arrive at our home for the next 4 days.

Remember the seafood we were promised we'd have? This was part of our crab lunch on the second day. (We were told "Sorry, these aren't the big ones." o_O)

The most photogenic little hut on the property.

On the afternoon of Day 2, we took a short trip across to this private island that houses a marine sanctuary. There's this beautiful sandbar to the left of this photo that comes out during low tide. More photos of that later. Promise.

Aquazorb towels, coconut bowls and various seashells. We left the bowl and the shells on the beach by the way. DO NOT BRING HOME SHELLS PLEASE!

Love fresh coconuts -- we drank the water and snacked on the meat.

Day 3: We rowed around one of the ponds in the hopes of coming across the flock of wild ducks that likes to hang out near the mangroves. (No such luck.)

Adrian rigged an old slipper to act like a floatation device for his GoPro Hero 2. That way he could film under water but not lose the WiFi backpack signal.

Day 4: Last morning in our favorite corner, having coffee and slowly waking up.

At Lingon Park, killing time while waiting for our check-in counter to open at the airport. The elusive peak of Mayon Volcano decided to show itself to us.