Thursday, October 07, 2004

There's something about the beach...

Hullo out there!

I'm still getting my old travel stories and emails organized so it may be a while before those find their way here. In the course of gathering my shiz together, I realized that I'm not a very varied traveler in that I tend to stick to places near the water. So lets talk about that for a spell. Come, sit down on the floor beside me.

My favorite places all have beaches nearby. Or some kind of beach culture going on. I cant help it, I love the water. Being near it. Being in it. Mother Ocean cleanses and purifies. She punishes and forgives. And immersing yourself in water... there's just something very special about it.

There are those who claim to love that kind of beach life... and only half of them really mean it. Think about it: would you really be willing to spend a large chunk of your existence half-naked, barefoot, away from modern amenities like cocktail shooters and apple martinis... could you be happy losing track of time for days on end... not knowing the when but fully appreciating the how... and the why... of each and every moment? I havent achieved that state of beachdom completely yet. But, from time to time, I come close... and am grateful.

Today's List: Local Beaches & Islands

1. Siargao, Surigao del Norte - I am having an affair with this island. Nuff said.
2. Dikasalarin, Baler, Aurora - When the surf goes pffft, head over to Dikasalarin.
3. Donsol, Daet - The beach isnt pretty but you do get to swim with whalesharks. Fair trade I would say. ;)
4. El Nido, Palawan - Recently seen in The Amazing Race 5. El Nido's beauty hits you like a ton of bricks. Can you say 'awestruck'?
5. Boracay - Granted, this is kind of a given. Bora cant help being beautiful though. Nor can I help being drawn to her white sand beaches and wide array of food. And if you play your cards correctly, you can be on the island and still away from the crush of tourists.

There are more beaches in the country... more islands I've yet to discover and become enamored with... the thought is enough to get me mentally packing my bags... ssssh... dont talk to me now... I'm letting the sun beat down on my bare shoulders... sweat is running down my back, soaked by the waistband of my boardshorts... I can smell the salt water... and as I round the bend, I see my own patch of paradise...

Friday, October 01, 2004

the FIRST blog

Hullo out there! I've been told by too many people that I should have my own blog since I'm always emailing my friends all these random stories and clogging up my pbase account with photos. They think I ought to just put everything all in one place and make it easier for them. Hence this. And it only took me two years to get it done! Wahaha. (cue: Warrior Dance).

I figure that a lot of my entries are going to revolve around traveling, photos and a bunch of unrelated thoughts. I'll find a way to segregate things so it's not a big ol' mess. Unlike my desk here at work which is just... random. I promise I'll try not to be too random in here.

Hmmm... off the top of my head... barring clothes and money, the 10 things I never ever travel without are:

- Cameras
- Sunblock
- Anti-Mozzie gear (lotion, that Baygon Plug-in thing which totally rocks... thank you whoever came up with it!)
- Headwraps/Bandanas/Do-rags
- Flip flops
- At least one warm jacket
- A good book that I can leave behind
- Pen and paper
- First-aid medicine and gear (prep pads, basic pain relievers, Betadine etc)

I think this is enough for a first blog... especially one where I dont really know what I want to say... well and stuff... do good things for other people.