Sunday, December 25, 2005

Holiday Greets!

Text messages and emails have been coming in from all corners of my life. People sharing their love, wishing others good cheer.

Merry Christmas.
Maligayang Pasko.
Feliz Natal.
Joyeux Noel.
Feliz Navidad.
Natale allegro.

However way you say it, a warm and loving greeting to everyone out there! God bless each and every one of you!

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*Image courtesy of Pinoy Arte

Friday, December 23, 2005

Christmas Shopping Ba Kamo?

I. Brown Belly
A lot of you know by now that Noelle and I are partners in a business we have fondly named Brown Belly. For a little over a year now we have sold Indo pants, Thai pants, apron tops, ponchos and tube tops to beach-hungry girls (and boys) who love to "wear the beach" even when in the city.

Isn't it about time you hopped on board and ordered yourself some gear?

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Indo pants in Sunny Orange. (Other colors available)

For inquiries and orders please email

II. Planet Zips
Zips are inspired by the Maori's poi. Made of a string, a weighted end and a bit of ribbon these toys are great fun. In the hands of Planet Zips' Zips Masters, they are moving works of art.

Zips are fun to do at the beach, in the office parking lot, at a friend's house... pretty much
anywhere you can find enough space to bust them out and spin.

For more information on the art of zipping go to Planet Zips

Perfect for your pooch! Sit is the brainchild of Regine and Monch. Give your favorite canine companion his own couch to call his own.

They have different styles and can be asked to customize upholstery as well. The couches come in three sizes.

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For more information email:

IV. Funky Munky
Funky Munky shirts are just what you need to buy for your girlfriend or boyfriend or best friend or Ate or Kuya or officemate or ka-Kris Kringle or balikbayan cousin who is here for the holidays! In fact, you may end up buying a few pieces just for yourself!

Check their official website to start shopping.

V. Miss Moon
Miss Moon has been kind enough to host self-made or self-run business ventures on her multiply site. T-shirts by Funky Munky, Jewelry by Calamansi and many other gift ideas can be sources through her site.

To get there just head over to:

Got it? Good! Happy shopping!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Rimat Ti Amianan

La Union, known in Northern Luzon as one of the most popular breaks for beginner surfers from Manila, was invaded by some of the best surfers in the country. Waveriders from Siargao, Lanuza, Baler, Daet, Vigan, Zambales and, of course, La Union competed in a five-day event. Held at San Juan, La Union, “Rimat Ti Amianan” (Treasure of the North), was also the sixth and final leg of the year-long Philippine Surf Circuit.


Open Division:

1st: Alex Comandante - Siargao Island
2nd: Bonifacio Figuron - Siargao Island
3rd: Argie "Bad Boy" Hugo - Baler, Aurora
4th: Jun “Tanjung” Fietas - La Union

Junior Division:
1st: Joseph Antipasado - Siargao Island
2nd: Zaldy Coldura - Siargao Island
3rd: Jeff dela Torre - Baler, Aurora
4th: Allan Derecho - Baler, Aurora

Wahine Division:
1st: Nildie Blancada - Siargao Island
2nd: Daisy Valdez - La Union
3rd: Mickey Galang - La Union
4th: Joy Ishii - La Union

Grommet Division:
1st: Allen De Vera - Baler, Aurora
2nd: Bilmar Velasques - La Union
3rd: Peter Paul Alipayo - Siargao Island
4th: Paul John Alipayo - Siargao Island


* each surfer is awarded a certain number of points throughout the circuit depending on his rank during an event. The accumulated points determined this final ranking for 2005.

1. Dionisio Espejon SIARGAO ISLAND
2. Bonifacio Figuron SIARGAO ISLAND
3. Argie Hugo BALER, AURORA
4. Alex Commandante SIARGAO ISLAND
5. Martin Taniegra SIARGAO ISLAND
6. Edmund Mendoza BALER, AURORA
7. Joel Faraon BALER, AURORA
8. Rodolfo Alcala SIARGAO ISLAND
9. Jomar Gloria SIARGAO ISLAND
10. Sandito Alciso SIARGAO ISLAND
11. La Unionke Landrigan LA UNION
12. Anthony Valdez LA UNION

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Rimat Ti Amianan's Champion Alex "Al-al" Comandante

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2005's Number One Surfer Dionisio "Dodo" Espejon.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Moment of Silence for a Fallen Surfer

I got this off the Philippine surf forum. Malik gained instant fame when, at 18, he took off on a monster wave at Teahupoo. The photos and footage taken of him that day catapulted him into the surfing spotlight. On December 2, 2005 Malik perished on what people are calling "a freak wipeout."

The rest of the story is here... courtest of maliknews who posted it on the surf forum:

Tahitian local charger Malik Joyeux perished at Pipe last friday.
story here

Malik's final wave was captured in this photo sequence:

Amongst those surfing Pipe at the time of Malik's death were longboard superstar Bonga Perkins as well as surf pro Myles Padaca, who ultimately found Joyeux's body after a 10 minute search.

Kelly Slater and Sunny Garcia were at the beach as well.

Malik Joyeux, along with Raimana Van Bastoaler and Manoa Drollet, is counted amongst Tahiti's/Teahupoo's premier surfers. He
was 25.

Now, surfer or not, whether you knew who he was or just found out now, I ask that we share a moment of silence in the memory of Malik Joyeux.