Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Crispy Kaz and Kage in La Union

February 11, 2003

Kaz and I went to La Union over the weekend for a longboarding competition. Not to compete of course... just to watch and chillax and hang out.

We shared a cottage with Paolo, and this girl Tals. Funny thing about Tals: she and I have known of each other since 1998 when I took over as editor at TCE after she resigned. We had common friends and even had a long-ish email exchange going on. But that weekend was the first time we were ever going to meet in real life. And it later turns out that we are both taking capoeira classes under the same school, only on different days!

Strange how these things work no?

Anyway, the weekend was amazing. The comp was well attended. The line-up was packed. The waves were small but perfect for a beginner to learn on. And during the afternoon session, Kaz and I were sitting on our boards beyond the area where the waves were breaking... just watching the sun sink into the ocean. In a word: daym!

There was a small bonfire that night and we hung out there with a bunch of other people. Some old friends like the local guys and people from Manila and some new friends-- like Eric, a longboarder who works with the Peace Corps.

The sky was incredibly clear. We never did see any shooting stars but let's just say we did. I think we could have if we had just paid more attention to the stars.

The next day we were up by seven. But for some reason didn't get out to the line-up until ten. We were catching decent rides while the finals of the comp were going on in another section of the beach. We finally hauled ourselves out of the water long enough to check out and order lunch. Then back in the water we went.

After a particularly good ride, I hauled my ass to shore and began the sad business of packing my things for the trip home. We meant to leave by 2pm... haha! Tough luck. We just couldnt seem to leave La Union.

Even if the waves had completely disappeared and we were all showered, fed and ready for the drive down, it took us another two hours to pile the four boards on Kaz's car and head down.

And now we are back in Manila. Backs aching. Faces burnt.

Totally going through vacation withdrawal.


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