Wednesday, April 30, 2008


They came home with me last night straight from the CARA adoption center in Makati. Two beautiful rescue kittens whose names have yet to be determined. Already I am in love with them. :)

The tri-color is a girl. Her brother is a handsome lad clad in orange. She is kind of shy and is spending most of her time hiding inside their box, sussing out her new home. He is all over the place, being charming and cute.

Again, for those who would like to add a cat to their homes, CARA has over 20 available kittens at the moment. All of them have been spayed/neutered and are litterbox trained.

*Update: My boy's name is Trigger... he is confident and trigger happy when it comes to his playful bats and nibbles. My super shy girl is still unnamed because I want to get to know her more before I name her.

For more photos:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw...we had a stray cat christened meoworks= meow-erks.... my cousins and i had fun with her babies... but PETA would have thought otherwise :-S

Call her peace? or how about tammy tahimik... hehe...

are u the one collecting strange postcards? let me know!

love, trina

12:25 PM  

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