Monday, January 28, 2008

Pantry Cheffing: Brown Sugar and Rum Bananas

I grew up with fried banana served with sugar for merienda. Later on, I tweaked the 'recipe' a little to add more flavor. I usually make this when I'm in charge of bringing dessert to parties but without the rum. Then my friend Venus made it with rum once at a party and I've been sold on that version ever since. I've done a bit of tweaking to her recipe and came up with this.

Unfortunately, I often cook by taste so I dont have actual measurements for the ingredients. Heehee.

Saba bananas
Brown Sugar
Rum (preferably Tanduay)
Cinnamon (sticks or powder)
Lemon Juice

Slice bananas lengthwise.
Combine Rum, Lemon Juice, Brown Sugar and Cinnamon in a deep bowl.
Soak bananas in liquid for 15 minutes.

In a heated pan, melt butter and introduce banana slices. Pour rum-sugar liquid into pan as needed to heighten flavor. Once slices have turned a golden brown, remove from pan. Place on paper towels in futile effort to absorb excess oil.

Best served warm with a side of French Vanilla ice cream and eaten in a hammock overlooking a pristine beach while the smell of frangipani blossoms wafts in the air. Or you know, for merienda on a Sunday afternoon, whichever comes first.

Note: you can also grill the banana slices in another effort to make it a healthier version of this rum soaked, sugar packed pottasium filled treat.

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