Monday, January 14, 2008

A birthday in three parts

Part 1: The traditional salubong with the Crew. This year's venue: La Maison. This year's unexpected theme: Playing with Frames (aka Chino! Stop it na!) As usual walang photos ng food cos we were all playing catch up... and picking on Jen kasi sabi ni Chino masungit daw sya that night.

Part 2: The traditional early morning wakey wakey then, much later on, family dinner. Not a lot of photos from part 2 cos we were eating like 90% of the time. You must try Hula Hula in Shang Mall. It's the best! It is also owned by Red Crab so they have that menu plus a lot of new items. I love, love, love the Lemongrass & Coconut seafood soup. Every sip was a bit of heaven. And they also have their own version of Nasi Goreng that goes perfectly with my personal version of culinary heaven: Crabs Lillian (steamed crab in a coconut and chili sauce) Yum! Then we spent the weekend in La Union with Mama, Ton, Sug, Moro, Gigi and Jason. I didn't surf much over the weekend but I also didn't mind much.

Part 3: OMG!!! Super thanks to Moro, Dom and Aya for planning a surprise party for me! I was totally oblivious to their planning... and even when I arrived earlier than all the guests, I still didnt have a single clue. Hahahaha. This is the first time anyone has thrown a surprise party for me and I was super duper stoked.

For photos:

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