Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cover the World with Stoke

Super stoked weekend that more than made up for last weekend. It was firing everywhere! Saturday was all about Bacnorth Shore's wild, wild lefts and crazy impact zone if you went right. Stoked, stoked, stoked from my second wave. Tired from walking out and around and paddling back to the peak. The afternoon sesh lasted only 45 minutes but it was sobrang worth it! All of it was so worth it.

Ride of the day and comp champion? Tin Terible and her superdrop! :) Plus, the sunset colored our world bronze. Miko and I were padding back out when this set came through... first wave went to Marky and Phil... next one to Aston. Once they were past us, we resumed paddling... all of us glowing from that killer sunset.

Sunday began with rain. But the rain begat better swell. Heehee. We split the line-up between the Point, Carille and Bacnorth Shore and everyone came back so filled with stoke that if we could've bottled it and sold it, we'd have enough to buy the Indies Trader II. No kidding.

Bacnorth was unbelievable: wild, wild lefts at the rivermouth (shoulder to head high with overhead sets coming in every 15 minutes... and some paddle or die moments and of course, me & Phil sharing some white wash and laughing as we rode past the impact zone)... mellow rights at the pier (shoulder high and clean). Personal ride of the day? The first wave at the pier, dropping and slotting it in... with a mellow right hander peeling along. Haaaay! So much stoke that I dont know what to do with it. I think I might dance for a bit. Hahaha.

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