Friday, August 10, 2007

Bali: Ubud and The Bukit

We rented a van for half a day and checked out Ubud, Bali's art central. We didn't get to eat any babi guling (boo!) or see Antonio Blanco's gallery (boo!) but we did score a nice print for my mom (yay!), some carvings for JP's mom (yay!) and take a walk through the Monkey Forest where we found ourselves in the middle of a monkey tribe war. National Geographic moment!!!

In the afternoon, Phil and Moro surfed while the rest of us chilled on the beach with Teh Botols and, later, cold Bintang. :)

On the next day, we finally left Kuta beach to check out the Bukit Peninsula. On the agenda were Dreamland, Padang Padang and Uluwatu.

Dreamland is BEAUTIFUL. Terence plans to retire there. Hehe. Phil, Moro and Ter went out while Aya and I waited for the conditions to get a little better. Eh, wala. Hahahaha. So only the boys scored Dreamland... land of shoulder high shorebreaks. To be fair, the waves from outside were breaking naman but there were monster sets coming in that were hella scary. A lot of the guys out had to suffer close out barrels if they couldnt manage to bail in time.

Our new friends Sam and Paddy came up to us and said they were going to move to Padang Padang. They promised it would be smaller and cleaner. So, despite the rep Padang has, we went to check it out.

The break, which is usually hella gnarly, was nice and clean. So we did the pre-sunset session there. My fingers were so frozen that I couldnt feel my board anymore. On one of the bigger sets, I lost my grip and nearly dinged Moro on the head with my nose. Eeep! That kinda rattled me so I crept away from the peak and sat on the inside (again) with this cute Thai grommet. Got a few good rides but ultimately, nearly spearing Moro through the head had shaken me too much... so I left everyone and paddled in... (this is the good part)

While waiting for everyone to come in (Aya caught one of the best right handers that afternoon by the way... super yeah, yeah wave for Aya!!!), I noticed this girl about ten feet away from us... I thought I recognized her from somewhere but I wasnt sure... so I checked out her gear and her board... all Billabong... and I stared at her some more before I became convinced ... I WAS TEN FEET AWAY FROM SANOE LAKE!!! Sobrang kinikilig kami ni Aya.

I'll post our whole convo about it later cos it merits its own space. Suffice it na lang to say that we cam-whored with Sanoe, who is super nice and very friendly... and then went to Uluwatu to see the sunset.

We ditched the prices of Jimbaran Bay and ended up having dinner at this awesome place near Kuta Night Market. Go to the place owned by Romano. You cant miss him. He looks like he is on his nth round of roids, is cross-eyed and has this charming personality. Total character man. But one of the good guys. His food is cheap and tasty. Para siyang Gerry Shan of Bali. :)

All in all, a good day... even if the Dreamland waves did try to kill us.

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