Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Papa

Since we cant have a real birthday for you this virtual one will have to do.

So anyway, I know this blog is more for me than it is for you. But I wanted to do it anyway. Never mind that I am usually not this emotionally naked online. It feels right to do this right now.

For breakfast, I would've gotten up early to make you French toast and bacon, double dipping the toast just the way you like it and crisping the bacon so that it made those crunchy sounds. Served, of course, with real maple syrup (none of that Karo Light stuff). And we'd eat it while watching reruns of Cheers or maybe Friends... whatever is on Star World before Ellen/Oprah. :)

And for your present? I've been thinking hard about this because there are so many cool things that you'd have really liked. But I think I have the perfect one. Check this out Pa...

The Beatles' ... one of their 45s and a photo from their appearance on the what I think is the Ed Sullivan show.

Happy birthday Papa. Miss you.

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