Monday, October 01, 2007

My new favorite surfer!

This has to be quick cos I'm only tapping into someone's wifi signal and I should be going through my photos. But, blog-whore that I am, I felt compelled to fire off a quick blog about my new favorite surfer.

It used to be Matt Hoy. Then I found out some crap about him and he fell from grace.
So Ryan Agustein, my second in line, moved up. He's super cool, super chill and for a guy who can charge Mavericks, is really down-to-earth. Hella humble. We met him two years ago and it's always so nice to see him on the island.

But... then I met JASON SHIBATA!!!

Shibats is one of the mellowest cats I've ever met. PLUS he's really friendly, super down-to-earth, kalog and he rips like maaaaaad! I'm super duper stoked to meet him. Don't get me wrong, I still love Ryan heaps and heaps. But how cool was it to meet Shibata and find out that he's this really great person?

Update as of Oct 1st: Ryan and Shibats are equal first with me. Super cool, super nice, super surfers. Hard to beat that kind of combination.

Yun lang, sharing from a surf aid.

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