Monday, August 13, 2007

Sakit vs Surfing: LU Weekend Sessions

Finally made it back to La Union!

Saturday morning surf check showed blown out beach break with strong current. You'd start paddling in front of surf camp and end up in front of Surf Maid if you werent careful. So... no. Breakfast na lang muna while the big boys paddle out.

After lunch we checked out Carille. Unfortunately it was working. Dammit. I dont like Carille cos the water tends to be hella dirty. Especially after a big rain has just washed debris downriver. Syempre, ulan ng ulan di ba? So ang dumi nga nung tubig. To top it all of I was on the second day of surfing the crimson wave. Hello open cervix!

But no... ang ganda nung alon!!! Long rides, uncrowded line-up, clean walls. Aaaargh. Double Dammit. It took me an hour to convince myself that one session was not going to be worth the hassle of having to buy meds. So yan... chinika ko na lang lahat ng tao doon while watching enviously as people took off on waves that were not scary. Hay.

Sunday morning we loaded up and decided to do a swell check. Kung saan saan kami umabot. Hanggang Poro Point naghahanap kami ng alon ("mas mura daw babae pag umaga") but no. So we ended up heading to my favorite La Union beach break... also known to forum posters as "Aldrix's backyard."

Sobrang panalo!!! Steady, mellow waves with occassional overhead sets. Clean walls. Easy drops. The tiniest hint of a current. Uncrowded line-up. Lefts AND Rights. CHAMPION.

Even Lor was stoked and temporarily forgot the loss of her bag. Jong was back in the line-up, test driving his shoulder (welcome back Jong, well done). Attorney Ely was cruising on the smaller sets plugged into his tunes. Plus Olracs and I had many Guarana moments (as well as nice long right handers).

It more than made up for my non-session Saturday. No photos cos... well, no photos.

This was the kind of session I had been looking to have for almost a month na. The search for fun waves... yun na yun. Saya man.

Aldrix - Sa uulitin!

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