Friday, August 10, 2007

Bali: Padang Padang for the Rip Curl Cup

We were lucky enough to catch the trials for a major event on our second week in Bali. The Rip Curl Cup is entitled "It's On When It's On" because Padang Padang is such a fickle break that the smallest changes in weather can cause the biggest changes in swell size. There is a month long wait period for the comp - one of the longest known in the circuits.

The same break whose inside section we had surfed only two days before was now throwing massive double overhead sets that broke in front of the cliff and wrapped around the cove towards the beach. DAMN!

And of course, my first order of business was to check the heat schedule and find out who was around. On the menu for the surf aids? Friend Mostafa Jeksen, Tipi Jabrik, and Betet Merta. Rizal Tanjung, Made Widiarta, John John Florence, Kahea Hart, Nathan Hedge, and Koby Abberton! Woot, woot!

We found a spot safe from incoming tide and tried to get comfortable while watching the heats. Unfortunately, my lens couldnt quite cover the distance but I think you'll get a good enough idea of what Padang was like that day.

More Padang pics coming soon. Photos by me, Moro, Phil and Aya.

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