Thursday, October 25, 2007

From La Maison to La Union

Started the weekend with birthday lunch for my brother at La Maison (got free birthday brownies!!! Woot, woot!) then off to La Union for another weekend of sunshine and surf.

The Point was glassy and big and peeling and perfect. Getting out was the opposite. Wild. One million duck dives plus extra strong current. So... I went to Bacnotan instead. Hahahaha. Same thing for Sunday. It was smaller there but so much easier to get out to the line-up. .

- Akaw Daluyon is now in the hospital :( His deck buckled while Moro was using him at the Point so now he is in the loving hands of Aki Akinaga, the Yoda of LU Surfing.
- Angel made a special batch of turon for dinner. Sobrang sarap!
- Scored three extra stoke rides that I continue to replay in my head
- The standard LU sunset never fails to take my breath away.
- Lunch at Hacienda this weekend came with sinigang! Woohoo! Love sinigang.
- Hangin' out with Paolo Babycakes ni Bjorn Soler again. It's been too long Pao. Glad to see you back in the line-up.
- Moro shredding on his new 7S superfish (no name yet)
- The ride home with only me in the backseat of the Santa Fe = snoozing the whole way down to Manila.

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