Wednesday, October 24, 2007

North Swell Na 'To!

First long weekend of the 'ber months! :) Chest high with shoulder high sets at both the beach break and the Point. Clean and glassy. Surprisingly not that crowded. Longboard days (taba nung alon!). Scored a super good ride Friday morning that set the mood for the rest of the weekend. And got some fish time in too on Sunday morning.

Rode home with Joncy and his new surfmobile. Not a lot of photos cos we were in the water A LOT.

Some things that weren't photographed but are worth mentioning:
- A full rainbow during the Saturday afternoon session. One end at Surfmaid, the other at Hacienda :)
- My view of Lemon clapping for me as I made that awesome drop :) Moro on the inside yelling at me to keep charging it. Hihihi.
- Daisy framed by the sunset, sitting on her board in the line-up.
- Super good lunch at Hacienda -- inihaw na manok with adobong bamboo shoots for only P75!
- The new lights in the driveway of Surfers' Inn.
- Carla Sebastian charging the beach break on her fifth time surfing.
- Two seven year olds getting their first tastes of stoke for three whole days.

Check out this album for the snapshots.

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