Thursday, December 27, 2007

F- You Curfew!

Moro and I were just about to start a super yummy meal at Bellini's when they announced curfew on the news. (Curfew?! Gago ba sila?) So instead of savoring the dinner, we scarfed it down so we could meet up with Isa, Aids and Terence and hightail it out of the curfew zone. Our goal? Be out of Tarlac before midnight.

Aids was The Man, getting us past the last checkpoint at exactly 11:51pm. Nine minutes to spare! We tried to take a photo of the clock but it came out blurry so you'll just have to believe us.

Friday morning session -- you know how sometimes you feel switched off? I felt switched off. Couldn't seem to get my game on. Managed one ride that I was really stoked about but that seemed to be it. The afternoon session was so much better... I felt reconnected to my board and not as bummed as I was in the morning.

Saturday - the return of The Colony with two new 'brellas and coolers galore. Super crowded - and kind of dangerous - Bacnotan line-up. Dom's first five waves resulted in her getting hit five times by various boards. Hassle. It got to the point where I sacrificed rides for safety and sat myself at the very shoulder just so I could be away from the board traffic.

It cleared up a little after lunch and we managed to have fun without being afraid for ourselves and our boards.

Sunday was beach break and Point day as the swell had really died down. Crowded everywhere too as the grommets were done with their comp and could now freesurf to their hearts' content. At first I took the longboard out thinking I would have an edge over the groms. No cigar. I spent the rest of that day hanging out and watching the action from the beach.

Then it was time to pack up and head back down to Manila.

- JP Sarmiento's major wipe out at Hacienda
- Marnie turning out to be a rehab center worker
- Tin Terrible and the C-Class
- More apples and coco jam snackage! Spread the love!
- Seeing the Siargao & Baler groms again
- (For once) not minding that we were doing 160 in Tarlac

For photos:

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