Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Ten Hour Road Trip home

Gloomy Baler weekend for Aya's first despidida. Only one day of surf where it took me an hour to get out during the morning session. Moro, Aya, Dom and I were all on borrowed boards. JB didn't even have a board at all. Then Tin's new board came with faulty screws, which led to the immortal phrase of the weekend "All I need is a long screw." Hahahaha.

It took me close to half an hour to get to the line-up. But I refused to quit and finally made it through that one tricky section. Of course, by then I was too tired to do much more than sit there and rest. I did feel a tremendous amount of satisfaction though that I didn't just turn back and go have a coffee.

The afternoon session had a majority going to Cemento. Moro, Del, Raf Aerika and I stayed behind to surf the beach. I actually only got one wave that afternoon. Decent, not anything to brag about but still, fun enough to talk about post-sesh.

By sunset, it was raining haaaaard and we were all getting worried about the next day.

Sunday was pouring down rain and howling winds. So for the first time ever, we were out of Bay's Inn before lunch. And yet it still took us 10 freakin' hours to get to Manila. Why? Well... first there was the rickety bridge incident. As Philip drove his pick-up over the temporary timber bridge, they noticed that one plank was too small for the car. It was definitely going to buckle under the weight of the vehicle. So they stop right on the bridge, which really was just a bunch of large planks thrown together. The entire convoy held their collective breath as a "rescue plank" was found by some enterprising locals. Once Phil's car was over the river, the rest of followed with a mixture of speed and caution. We made it through the rest of the mountain with no incidents.

Then Raf's front tire bearing decided to call an early retirement. It took us two hours to find a mechanic. Then Philip's rear tire went flat and we had to make another roadside stop. Seriously, this was the longest trip home from Baler ever.

But I'm just glad nothing more adventurous happened to us (like landslides and getting swept away by the raging rivers). And that this crew knows how to roll mellow-like, with no high maintenance hissy fits or tantrums.

We are Surfer, even when there's hardly any surf to be had. (We are Surfer is a trademark of Paeng de Leon)

For photos: http://kagey.multiply.com/photos/album/333

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