Monday, July 04, 2011

Photos from El Nido, Palawan

Intro taken from my El Nido article published in the Philippines Yearbook 2008: Travel Issue. Photos are from my latest vacation there (June 2011).

If Palawan is the Philippines' "Last Frontier" then its town of El Nido is the vanguard of the frontier's borders. Flora and fauna are a premium draw here as there are only five islands where development for tourism purposes is allowed.

Majestic marble cliffs stand guard over sandy shores and glassy waters. Small villages co-exist a mere boat ride away from some of the most luxurious resorts in the area. There are lagoons filled with emerald depths and endless discoveries. Explore age-old caves and learn their whispered secrets. Or simply be on the look out for the multitude of wildlife both common and rare that make their homes on this enchanted place. There are 16 endemic and 10 threatened species of birds, 6 types of marine mammals endemic, and four species of endangered turtles that call the waters and forests of El Nido home.

Celebrated author Alex Garland is said to have drawn inspiration for his bestseller "The Beach" from his stay at El Nido's Bacuit Bay. One visit to this marine reserve and you will understand why.

My brother swims with the resident Jacks that come for breakfast at Miniloc.

Kayaking the Small Lagoon

Snorkeling Cove 2.5 off Lagen Island. (I dove down and hung on to a rock - not a coral - for this snapshot)

Sunset from Lagen Island.

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