Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stepping Down.

Hey sexy surf kiddos!

It is with a very grateful heart that I step down from my post as your VP for Membership. It's been a long and sometimes trying ride but I don't regret a single year I spent working with and for MSA. Many of you have been asking me why I've chosen to do this -- and it's simple: I'd like to rest and be a civilian na. I've been doing this for almost 7 years. Time for someone else to learn the ropes and help steer the ship.

I can only hope that whoever is chosen to come after me also has the same vision in mind as I do for the direction of MSA. But if s/he doesn't, there is nothing I can do about that except lend support where I can as a member and as one of the B.O.D.

Which brings me to this: be awesome to your new membership head. Cooperate. Comply. Wag kayong pasaway. :P

To all the sponsors and media peeps I've had the opportunity to work with in those seven years, many thanks for the continued support.

See you guys in the line-up and watch out for news on the El Yu comp from the remaining officers.

Bestest vibes,

Momma Kage 

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