Friday, January 07, 2011

35 Before 35

In no particular order - and inspired by the incredible Celine Novenario - here is my list of 35 Before 35. Some are goals that I intend to achieve while others are habits I would like to cultivate. A lot of them entail willpower, self-discipline and the support of my peers.

I had to edit a lot - there were items on the original list that are dependent on factors out of my control. Those ones are on a mental list (parang The Secret).

1. Swim at least twice a week if I don't go surfing.

2. Do "Yoga for Surfers" every morning.

3. Capoeira at least once a week (should budget allow it)

4. Finally take that pole dancing class with Djong and Pia!

5. Surf at the very least once a month, using mostly Pandora and Alexa Jazz over WC.

6. Try that all female gym Ria told Binky about.

7. Go sugar free for a month every quarter

8. Stick to the "1x a month for fast food" plan.

9. Surf Cemento's peak on a shoulder-high day and make the drop consistently by the start of the late North Swell.

10. Go on one photo walk every month, even if it's just around the city.

11. Finally organize and publish my online photo portfolio.

12. Get back in the publishing game - freelance more.

13. Update my blog weekly.

14. LITERALLY inch my way back to the 2005 body or a close approximation thereof.

15. Attend SpinDependence at least every other month to spin fire and light.

16. Learn to make bread.

17. Get my driver's license.

18. Dive Cebu.

19. Go to Bicol.

20. Swim with the whalesharks again -- this time with a proper underwater camera.

21. Manage my finances better than I did in 2010.

22. Visit the Pahiyas festival the day BEFORE the actual fiesta.

23. Put the "No more split ends" rule into full effect. ;)

24. Do or try something new -- something I've never done before -- once a month.

25. Learn to make pasta from scratch.

26. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. For real na talaga.

27. Do a 5k "run" with Djong

28. Join every single free contest and raffle I come across.

29. Get Brown Belly into more stores in more cities.

30. Dive Palawan.

31. Get to the office before noon. All the time. :P

32. Get inked.

33. Own more than two pairs of "grown up" shoes and two sets of "grown up" clothes.

34. Be more involved with charity and outreach work.

35. Begin - and end - each day in prayer.

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