Thursday, March 18, 2010

The truth about commercial dog food

A lot of commercial pet foods are not good for the loving non-human member of your household. Don't trust what they tell you at the pet stores either (esp if you're buying from a random stall in Cartimar... where they once told me that I didn't need to feed the green snakes they had for sale... "wisikan mo lang ng tubig ma'am"...oooh-kay). Another one told me that all our Moluccan Cockatoo needed was sunflower seeds (so not true). Anyway since most of the peeps here have dogs, basically check out the first five ingredients listed on the label. If it has corn (or corn meal) in there, then chances are you are feeding your dog low-quality junk food. Sort of like having fast food at every meal - it'll fill you up but it won't necessarily be good for you. Another thing is to aim for a dog food that has meat listed and not "meal" (chicken is different from chicken meal).

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