Sunday, August 10, 2008

San Francisco Hits

I hadn't been in SFo since I was a child and I was excited to see the city again. I remember loving the vibe there - and also being enamored with the idea of hippie runaways ditching the draft and finding "freedom" in the streets of Haight and Ashbury. What can I say? I was young(er) and easily swept up by romanticized ideals.

And now, over a decade since my last visit, I realize that I continue to love San Francisco. Not for those same reasons necessarily (I know now that the era of free love was also the era of free herpes and shared hypodermic needles) but for the same, hmmm, distilled essence of what the city stands for. The vibe is more organic, less pretentious.

- The view from the Golden Gate bridge (yes, a stereotype but what can you do? I love it)
- Clam chowder eaten along the Wharf while fending off seagulls
- Watching the buskers
- Ghirardelli square (hello, chocolates!)
- Cool breeze, warm sun. Love.
- Wandering around Chinatown

Some photos:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its a great city ! What more can be said ?

3:18 PM  

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