Thursday, July 03, 2008

Show and Tell: I Made it to the Main Page

There is a photo I took of Osot Alcala at Cloud 9 that has been living in the Philippine swellwatch portion of Wetsand , an international surfing site. It is one of my favorite photos primarily because Osot looks absolutely relaxed in it. There he is in a perfect standing barrel at one of the most famous right-handers in the country... with zero tension or stress in his body language. For all we know, he could thinking about what to eat at the Boulevard after his session. I love it... one of my favorite chargers completely at ease at his home break.

Anyway, get this. Today I got an email from one of the peeps at Wetsand. He told me they moved my photo to the main page for the month of July!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH! How stoked am I?!!! Lemme tell you, I'm pretty f*cking stoked. :) I am as stoked as Osot is relaxed in that shot. I could do cartwheels right now if my body would only let me. Heehee.

That is all for this session of show and tell. Thank you to Chuck and Paolo!!! And of course to Osot. If he hadn't been out that day, there would be no photo.

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