Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Popping the Cemento Cherry

I have always maintained that there is magic in Baler, Aurora. There is a powerful, mystical magic that permeates not only the Sierra Madres but the town of Baler itself. If you respect it and honor it, it will reward you.

This has been proven to me time and time again, one surf trip after another. Never more so than our last trip there when, after almost seven years of just watching from the platform, I finally paddled out to Cementos. Not just paddled out but actually caught my first Cemento wave. Not only caught my first ride but actually caught my first ride on the first wave that I paddled for.

In the line-up with me to share the stoke were Moro, Viva, Doc, Atornz, Roxy, Kev, Jong and two local Baler boys.

It wasn't epic. I never would've paddled out if it had been.
It wasn't a fun size. I would have actually liked it to have been a bit bigger on the smaller sets.
And yet, it was sooo much fun. Partly I think because, even at waist high, Cemento is powerful. And partly too because this was it -- I was popping my Cemento cherry. Finally.

And even though the photos of Manong Boatman did not capture the ride, I will never forget it. I will never forget what the nose of my board looked like as it slotted itself into the wall. The color of the ocean. The tip of my right foot. The sounds of everyone cheering behind me. Even the sensation of the wave finally dying out underneath me. I will never forget any of it.

Other highlights from the trip -
- Fun sessions (albeit in kind of less-than-ideal conditions) at Sabang
- Daily drives to Logbot and Charlie's to check for swell
- The obstacle course right-hander at Logbot that Philip witnessed
- Arvin's secret spot kainan on our way home
- Sexy time with corals nila Phil, Kuya Jayps, Raf, Yuri and Super Perry
- "Pating o. Gusto niyo?"
- Rox and Kev's sunset couple's cruise
- Room service kasi umuulan at tamad na kami bumaba

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