Thursday, March 18, 2010

Was McDonald's Being Snarky?

So.Cousin Mia, Phil and I were all hanging out with Adrian at Casa Sun. We got hungry, made a call to McDonald's and ordered 1 5-piece chicken nugget meal with bbq sauce (Mia), 1 6-piece chicken nugget with bbq sauce (Phil) and 1 6-piece chicken nugget with sweet and sour sauce (me). Adrian? Was a good boy and didn't shove fake chicken into his gullet.

Order arrives.
Mia passes around our boxes.
Philip's order has only 5 pieces instead of 6.
I do not have sweet and sour sauce.

No one is pissed but, just to find out what would happen, Adrian calls McDonald's again and tells them what happened in a very genial tone... even going so far as to say we were just curious as to what they would do with the missing nugget and sauce. The woman on the other end sounded flummoxed and said she would ask someone and ring us back. The call never came. BUT... a McDo delivery guy did come to Adrian's gate bearing a box! Inside the box? A single nugget and a packet of sweet and sour sauce!

Now comes the tricky bit -- was McDo being nice for messing up the order OR were they being snarky and thumbing their noses at us? Only comments answering the question above will be entertained.

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