Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am not a morning person. I really am not. Not even if it was 4 foot, glassy, blowing offshore with only my crew in the lineup.

So imagine how cranky and sleepy I was at the clinic today when I rocked up to 1. give them the pee I'd collected over the last 24 hours and 2. get the results from my blood test.

They only gave me one sheet of results (for blood sugar) when there should have been two (the other is for the thyroid stuff).
Me: "Miss, saan yung results nung para sa thyroid?"
Miss: "Blood chem mo lang yan."
Me: "Oo nga. Kaya ko hinahanap yung sa thyroid."
Miss: "1,200 yun." (At this point napipikon na ako, plus ano pake ko na P1,200 siya?!)
Me: "Nagbayad na ako kahapon. Nakasulat sa request ni doc yun."
Miss: "Nasaan yung request?
Me: "Nasa inyo na. Kinuha nung nag-extract ng dugo ko kahapon.
Miss: "Nakasulat doon yung isa mo pang hinahanap?"
Me: "Oo. Kaya nga umabot ng ganun yung binayad ko."
Miss: "Kung nasa request yun, gagawin yun."
Me: "So nasaan na nga yung results niya? Nakasulat doon sa request yun e." (At this point gusto ko na siya turukan ng syringe kasi parang pinapalabas pa niya na 1. slow ako and 2. possibly liar din ako)

Miss mumbles as she goes through the stack of papers on her desk... after mga 20 seconds she pulls out a piece of paper with my name misspelled.
Miss: "Ah ito pala."

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Super pet peeve. And I get to go back tomorrow to get my urine test results and get a thyroid ultrasound.

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