Monday, January 24, 2011

Late App Adopter

I might like my tech toys but I will be the first to admit that I am not technologically savvy. I am better off asking someone to show me what I need to learn rather than read about it. Manuals make my head hurt.

I am also not free with my money. I like making sure I am getting a good deal... which usually means waiting for the beta model to come out because everyone knows the first issues always have bugs.

So it isn't out of character for me to be a late adopter when it comes to new gadgets. Which is why it took me this long to get w the iPod Touch program. I love it. It isn't an iPhone - something whose purpose I continue to question (ok, so it's got a great screen... so what?) - and it suits my needs. I can have music, watch videos (still figuring out how to do this), surf the internet (it's got WiFi) , take photos (the new Touch has a camera) ... and it's got apps!!!

I kind of love apps. I come late to AppLand but I am catching up. Below is a list of the apps I've come to know by heart:

GAMES: My current favorite games to play while waiting in line and/or in traffic. Or sometimes during Quiz Nights when the round is something I can't contribute to.

Angry Birds - If I have to explain what this is to you, then I'm shocked you found my blog. And for the haters, I'd just like to point out that the game involves thought and a slight understanding of physics. "Structural integrity" as well as "Take out the keystone" are phrases my brother and I often use in game play. I blazed through the 12 levels in 4 days.

Bookworm - One of my favorite PC games ported to android and Apple games. Keep finding words and save the library of letters from the burning tiles. Longest word so far: Unhinged. Current top score: 1,591,350

Veggie Samurai - Almost mindless game where you slice veggies while avoiding bottles of poison. Same as Fruit Ninja except you get to slice the items more than once.

Dismount - Pick a point on the dummy's body. Shove him down the elevated platform. Score points based on how many bones are broken and how many revolutions the dummy makes before it stops falling. And then you can take a screencap. Best of all: if you have an upgrade, you can take someone's face and place it on the dummy. Violent catharsis. ;)

Lomolomo and Hipstamatic - Analog goes digital. Play with the way your built-in digital camera takes photos without having to pay for film developing. Many hard core lomographers are quite upset about the advent of these digital versions of their toy cameras. Personally, I enjoy that they've programmed the apps to work like the real cameras... the element of surprise is still there.

CameraTan - To post process and add filters to photos, there's CameraTan.

CrunchFu and iBelly - Workout apps that talk me through core and strength training. Handy when I don't have access to a trainer.

Pocket Yoga, Five Minute Yoga, Yoga Relax - Yoga programs for travel. Again, for when I don't have access to an actual class.

MyLangPro - Handy for traveling outside the country, it translates more than 20 different languages.

Any other apps I should be looking into?

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