Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Say No to Shark's Fin Soup!

If you are new to the blog allow me to get you up to speed.

I know it's called TravelKage but lately, the blogs haven't been about going places. There is something much more important and pressing that requires blog space - the threat to our local shark population due, in part, to the practice of shark finning.

Organizations such as Save Philippine Seas have been vocally asking to stop this needless slaughter, going so far as to explain why shark's fin soup contains no curative or nutritional properties.

In this light we'd like to ask you to make the jump and sign this petition asking Gloria Maris to remove shark's fin soup from their menu. UPDATE: at the moment, this is an OPEN LETTER & not a PETITION but please feel free to repost both this blog entry AND the open letter. The more people we reach, the better chances we have of getting GM and similar restaurants to cooperate.

And if reading about the problem isn't enough then we hope that this photo will move you:

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