Friday, July 08, 2011

Stop the Shark Slaughter

This is a heartbreaking photo of my fellow "Surfers for Dolphins" co-founder Guerrero SaƱo at the scene of a massive shark slaughter in the Philippines. Some of these sharks are practically juveniles, finned then left to die on the sand.

In his own words: "
I was with the humpback whale research team when we found sharks being slaughtered on the beach in Cagayan, near Aparri. there were about 16 of them.then in a few minutes, another boat came with about 32 more dying sharks.they were butchered in front of us and the fishermen told us the fins will be brought to Gloria Maris in Manila while the livers will go to Taiwan."


The finners had no idea why it was bad to do this when the research team confronted them. For them it is simply a source of livelihood. They don't know any better. So it's not enough to ban the finning or the trade... alternate means of livelihood need to be taken into account as well. The problem is bigger than just sharks lying dead on a beach, we are all well aware of that. One of the steps we need to take is to push for the passing of HB 174. And until we get legislation in place to protect our marine resources, I ask you to please stop patronizing restaurants known to serve real shark's fin on their menus. When the buying stops, the killing can too.

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