Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Long Weekend in Baler: End of August 2011

Started the long weekend with quiz at Pivo where we once again dominated the rounds. :) Good job to our very own Rainman - Vincenzo Giorgo Armommy Tagle. Then went to Senator's house to wait for everyone to trickle in so we could be on our way to Baler for the next two and a half days.

Baler was... amazing. In sunshine, in rain, in glassy conditions and horrifying close-outs... for some reason, Baler always finds a way to be good to me. And I would like to think that Baler was good to first-timers Jako and Will as well.

We surfed mostly at the beachie and once in Lobbot with waves varying from head high close outs to waist high peelers. The weather went from overcast to sunny to sunny but drizzling. Scored my personal best rides during the Sunday afternoon session -- clean drops on waist high left-handers with green walls just peeling down the line. Gill was able to stand on Pandora, Will and Jako were able to get waves and Senator was dominating on his 9'6. :) Stoke for everyone.

Hidden in between surf sessions (and sometimes during) were moments, hirits, conversations and jokes that I'm not likely to forget and I pray I never take for granted.

Ended the weekend with Casa Nami sing-along night -- sunkissed, stoked, kinda tired but ready to rock it out in celebration of Gill's last hosting night.

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